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Teach A Man To Fish

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Teach A Man To Fish

Teach A Man To Fish (TAMTF) is a UK based registered charity with an innovative approach to improving the relevancy and availability of education in developing countries.

Believing education to be the single most powerful tool available for reducing poverty in developing countries, we work with well established local partners, principally schools, to improve the quality of general and skills education for young people. A focus on agricultural education recognises the central role of agriculture in the world’s least developed countries as a source of income generation, employment, and food security.

The innovation that truly distinguishes TAMTF from other education charities is in our approach to financial sustainability. School-based income-generating projects allow students to develop a much needed sense of entrepreneurship and business acumen. Moreover, the production and sale of products generates income which schools are able to use to support their educational work. This focus on financial sustainability means that every pound invested in developing educational capacity at a school continues to have an impact year after year, for generation after generation of students.

Founded 2005

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