thalidomide society

thalidomide society

Charity information

thalidomide society

The Thalidomide Society aims to provide a support network for people affected by thalidomide, their families and carers as well as those born with a similar dysmelic condition.

Founded 1962

  • Mission statement

    The Thalidomide Society was formed in 1962 by parents of children with disabilities caused by the drug commonly known as thalidomide. More than fifty years later, the Society is still supporting its now adult thalidomide-impaired members and their families.

    The Society is a user-led organisation and the majority of the Board of Trustees is made up of thalidomide-impaired people.

  • Aims

    thalidomide society aims to:

    • To provide a supportive and friendly social network for thalidomide survivors and people with similar dysmelic conditions.
    • To preserve the history of the thalidomide story.
    • To assist researchers in their quest to promote and analyse the thalidomide story.
  • Overview

    Established: January 1962

    Registered Charity Number: 231708.

    Board members: 7

    Part time staff: 1

    Volunteers: 8

    Phone number: 020 8464 9048

    Address: 29 Weymouth House BR2 0DD

  • Parents oral history project

    To record as many oral testimonies as possible to the parents of thalidomide survivors who... More