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The Comedy Trust

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The Comedy Trust

The Comedy Trust is a registered charity set up in 2002 to run the annual Liverpool Comedy Festival, to develop and sustain new comedy talent and to explore comedy as an art form that can significantly enrich people’s lives. A key element of the trust's work is its ground-breaking community and education programmes including the highly successful flagship Stand Out Programmes which;

Encourage participation in the arts for all ages
Explore the relationship between comedy, humour, health and well-being
Develop creativity, self confidence and communication skills
Build new audiences

All of our participation programmes focus on developing and encouraging people’s creative skills through the use of humour, comedy and laughter. We are passionate about delivering workshops that engage and excite people of all ages, provide opportunities for them to build self confidence and that ultimately allow them to realise their creative potential. The Comedy Trust work across the North West of England with young people of all ages and abilities. As well as the community and education programmes, The Comedy Trust deliver training and consultation in the public and business sectors.

Founded 2002

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