Ieuenctid Tysul Youth

Ieuenctid Tysul Youth

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Ieuenctid Tysul Youth

Our work hinges around the development and empowerment of young people 11-25, in particular those suffering from the greatest disadvantage, with additional needs and with poor access to developmental activities and opportunities. Operating from our purpose converted youth centre we provide a broad and varied programme of activities, workshops, community regeneration projects, experiential, educational and residential trips.

Founded 1997

  • Mission statement

    ITY’s Vision Statement
    ITY’s vision is to continue to contribute and support national, regional and local initiatives for the development and empowerment of young people thereby enabling them to become responsible citizens who take an active role in, and make a positive contribution to, our community now as young people and in the future as adults. We will do this by further increasing the number of young people attending the Youth Centre; increasing their level of participation in its activities; extending the range of activities and skills opportunities on offer; and further strengthening and developing links between young people and the local community.

    ITY’s Mission Statement
    To place young people – from Llandysul and the surrounding area, aged 10-25 – at the centre of our thinking in order to help them fulfil their potential and empower them as individuals. We will do this by supporting them with a range of bilingual education and support services which:

    • Are young people-centred
    • Promote equality of opportunity
    • Ensure access in all aspects
    • Empower young people
    • Encourage achievement
    • Promote physical and mental well-being
    • Are conducted in a safe environment
    • Encourage respect for all
    • Tackle disadvantage

  • Aims

    Ieuenctid Tysul Youth aims to:

    • To enable our beneficiaries to access developmental, educational and experiential activities in an area that lacks opportunities for young people.
    • To empower and educate our young people to safeguard their physical and mental well-being and to make informed decisions on matters that affect their lives, both now and in the future.
    • To provide life skill training and volunteering opportunities to our beneficiaries so that they are best equipped to cope in the wider world as young adults.
  • Overview

    Established: March 1997

    Registered Charity Number: 1069259

    Board members: 7

    Part time staff: 5

    Volunteers: 14

    Phone number: 01559362908 07765845755

    Address: Tysul Youth Centre SA44 4QJ

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  • Reaching Out

    To provide volunteering and informal learning opportunities for rurally isolated and disad... More