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HTV Circles

HTV is an award winning charity and is first and foremost a Public Protection Agency working with the community. The project is based on principles of inclusion, restoritive justice and bringing together the community to enhance public safety. It aims to substantially reduce the risk of future sexual abuse by assisting offenders who are committed to not re-offend. It assists them in the task of intergrating into the community leading responsible, productive and accountable lives. The charity also provides support to partners and family members of offenders. Volunteers are recruited, trained and supervised to provide the appropriate support packgage for individuals referred to the project.

The object of the charity if to relieve the needs and promote the rehabilitation, treatment, education and care of person who have committed, or who are likely to commit offences, particularly sexual offences, against others and the families of such persons and others affected by such offences.

Founded 2008

  • Reducing Sexual Harm

    We recruit, train and supervise volunteers to support and hold accountable high risk sexua... More