Africa Educational Trust

Africa Educational Trust

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Africa Educational Trust

AET is a small but effective educational development charity. It works to give education access to children and young people from marginalized communities who have been affected by war and conflict.

Founded 1958

  • Mission statement

    The Africa Educational Trust (AET) was founded in 1958 on the principle that ‘education is the key to development’. AET supports both formal and non-formal education programmes, helping disadvantaged African communities to access their rights to quality education, literacy and life skills. AET’s work in Somalia (Somaliland, Puntland, and Central and Southern Somalia), South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa and Swaziland, targets the most vulnerable in societies, including girls and young women, nomadic pastoralists, and disabled people.

    AET’s goals are: to help African authorities and communities to provide better quality primary and secondary education; to improve access to literacy, educational and vocational training for young people, particularly those who have missed out on formal education due to conflict; and to enable local people to gain qualifications and skills that are relevant to their development needs. AET supports communities in a post-conflict situation to rebuild their lives through education.

  • Aims

    Africa Educational Trust aims to:

    • See that girls have equal access to education by increasing 'girl friendly' spaces in formal education and removing the barriers that keep girls away from school.
    • Always seek innovative ways to improve our work and better serve our beneficiaries
    • Empower people through education
    • Give young people access to skills training to help them find employment and gain self sufficiency.
    • Always work with Government, local communities and representatives to design education programmes best suited for those we are seeking to help
  • Overview

    Established: August 1958

    Registered Charity Number: 313139

    Full time staff: 10

    Part time staff: 1

    Volunteers: 1

    Phone number: 020 7831 3283

    Address: Africa Educational Trust 18 Hand Court London WC1V 6JF

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