Charity information


AVA has been formed as an independent, national charity in order to take forward the work of the Greater London Domestic Violence Project (GLDVP), previously hosted by a parent charity; London Action Trust.

The GLDVP was established in 1997 to address the need for a pan-London organisation able to work across boundaries, develop London-wide policies and increase the effectiveness of inter-agency work in the domestic violence, and related, sectors. The GLDVP worked intensively across Greater London although the work had national recognition and many of their resources were utilised by practitioners across the UK and further afield.

AVA’s key aims as an organisation are:
i. To challenge, enable, encourage and support all agencies and communities to contribute to achieving our vision of a world free from violence against women and girls
ii. To offer a range of high quality and expert services to facilitate specialist and generic agencies to contribute towards our vision
iii. To identify and fill gaps in the field, find innovative solutions to current and emerging situations and inspire an effective strategic approach to reducing and preventing violence against women and girls.

AVA is primarily a second tier organization; our service users are other agencies that develop policies around, and/or provide services to women, children and men who experience or perpetrate different forms of violence against women and girls.

Founded 1997