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The RISE Foundation

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The RISE Foundation

The RISE Foundation is a UK registered charity, currently partnered with the award winning Production Company, RISE films. The foundation uses film as an innovative tool to raise funds and to help people in the developing world. The model is simple: when RISE films produces a social issue film, the foundation constructs a fundraising campaign around the film to give people an immediate and tangible way to respond and help people affected by the issue.

At the RISE Foundation, we understand the importance of making an emotional connection between an issue and a potential donor and we believe that film is the ideal medium to achieve this. It allows the opportunity to connect with large numbers of people and by engaging the public with the causes, effects and means of alleviating poverty, suffering and sickness, it enables us to raise significant funds and awareness.

We currently run two camapigns:

The We Are Together Campaign www. Wearetogether. Org which supports the education of disadvantaged children in South Africa

The Rough Aunties Campaign www. Roughaunties. Org which supports the grassroots organization Bobbi Bear in their fight against child abuse in South Africa

Founded 2007

  • We Are Together Campaign

    The RISE Foundation's 'We Are Together Campaign' supports the education of over 50 orphans... More