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The Renewable Energy Foundation

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The Renewable Energy Foundation

REF’s charitable work is focussed on energy, its generation, cost and security of supply. The Foundation was created in 2005, largely to fill the gulf between public and expert understanding of energy issues. We observed that the calibre of commentary in the media and by politicians on renewable and general energy issues was naïve and dangerously ill-informed. Conversely, the explanations of engineers and scientists were demanding and sometimes off-putting. Furthermore, much of the data required to understand the issues was not in the public domain, so sweeping assertions about energy-related problems and potential solutions could be made, secure in the knowledge they could not readily be independently verified.

REF has sought to remedy this situation by gathering relevant data, testing claims and providing a clear explanation of what is a complex but little understood subject with very serious ramifications for the quality of our lives. The information and conclusions that we produce and publish, and offer in response to journalistic inquiries, are robustly evidence-based, which we believe will help ensure rational decisions concerning energy production are made in the future.

While the impact of a small charity is necessarily limited we have played a significant role in improving the quality of the energy debate and ensuring that there is an increased awareness of how vital a secure, clean energy supply is to the whole of British life, from lighting, refrigeration, and heating, to the commercial benefits of industry and the economic success of the UK as a whole.

Founded 2005

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