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Atlantic Rising

Atlantic Rising is an environmental education charity focussed on building understanding between students around the Atlantic Ocean on the subject of climate change. We are a small (three person) UK based organisation using the internet, film, photography and radio to break down the distance between students around the ocean rim and encourage collaboration on climate change projects and initiatives.

We are currently on a 32000km expedition circumnavigating the Atlantic Ocean (overland) along the 1 metre contour line - the height to which sea levels are predicted to rise in the next 100 years. We are using this expedition to build a network between 15000 students living in coastal communities, produce a portfolio of educational materials for schools around the world, and to raise awareness about the possible consequences of climate change.

By building connections we hope to make pupils aware of the interdependence of Atlantic communities. By enabling collaboration we hope to highlight the collective responsibility we have to tackle climate change. And by encouraging friendships we hope to make people care about it enough to act.

Founded 2009

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