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Fermanagh Women's Network

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Fermanagh Women's Network

Fermanagh Women’s Network (FWN) has been working with women and community groups in Fermanagh since 1992 and has a membership of over 200 women. We are run by a volunteer management committee, have one staff member and two full time volunteers. We provide support to women in areas that severely lack transport infrastructures (due to Fermanagh’s rural geographic nature), jobs, education facilities, childcare resources & access to services, and high levels of unemployment, social deprivation, political unrest and crime.

Our new Information Network Project enables us to: offer free training & accredited courses; maintain office space and staff; give specialist advice and referrals i. E. Domestic violence units/PSNI, employment agencies, crisis pregnancy advice, victims of crimes, etc; LGBT advice; a Financial Advice service for women following divorce, bereavements, pension debt etc. We are also in the process of developing our Health Advice Summer Scheme and an Older Women’s Scheme - offering a befriending service for women that live alone, pension advice, safety awareness and recreational activities.

Founded 1992

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    Established: October 1992

    Phone number: 02866343814

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