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Since 1969, SAFAD has sent over 340 graduate and post-graduate volunteers to almost 40 different countries in the developing world. The volunteers work with local organisations on existing and new projects. They provide technical assistance and expertise, and receive field experience in return. It is an opportunity for very specific and practical education to be put to work to help those in need.

Founded 1969

  • Mission statement

    SAFAD volunteers are able to offer skills in six key areas of development. They are:

    Water, Hygiene and Sanitation (WASH)
    As one of the largest areas of SAFAD’s work, our involvement in water is diverse and extensive. Volunteers plan, design and implement water supplies. They assist in user-group capacity building, enabling communities to operate and maintain existing networks. Volunteers also work in the construction and implementation of appropriate sanitation systems in rural and urban populations, and hygiene promotion techniques to ensure health benefits.

    Volunteers’ expertise in water for the environment and natural resource management allows us to offer a range of projects encouraging agroforestry development.

    Agriculture and Soil Conservation
    Volunteers’ knowledge in sustainable agriculture techniques has helped to promote the sustainable use of soil and water resources to increase food security.

    Education Training and Research
    Volunteers have been active in research, education and training in order to ensure project sustainability for NGOs.

    Small Business Enterprises
    Volunteers have worked in small scale business management and marketing, and supported micro-credit initiatives. SAFAD works to help secure livelihoods through the development and support of income generating activities.

    Intermediate Technologies
    By sustainably using technology, volunteers build upon the existing skills, knowledge and cultural

  • Aims

    SAFAD aims to:

    • To relieve poverty in any part of the world by promoting appropriate development.
    • To advance the education of the students of Cranfield University by the provision of overseas work experience.
  • Overview

    Established: January 1969

    Registered Charity Number: 289621

    Board members: 11

    Volunteers: 11

    Phone number: 07563711550

    Address: Building 114 Cranfield University MK43 0AL

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