Animal Concern Cumbria

Animal Concern Cumbria

Charity information

Animal Concern Cumbria

Provision of care, support and homing for animals in need.
Education and information to the general public on animal care, aiming to reduce abuse and neglect of animals.
Support of individuals looking for a rewarding voluntary role; supporting and enabling animals lovers to have contact and comfort from animals without being owners.

Founded 1981

  • Mission statement

    We are an animal rescue and rehoming charity operating within and around Cumbria.
    We help neglected or unwanted animals, and where possible arrange for the provision of good, loving homes for them. It is the charity policy never to put down an animal except where legally required or on the advice of veterinary professionals.

  • Aims

    Animal Concern Cumbria aims to:

    • To promote kindness and to suppress cruelty to animals; to attend generally to the welfare of all animals in need of care and protection.
    • To help neglected, unwanted, abused animals in need and arrange for the provision of good, loving homes for them. To release an animal to an approved home only, and maintain an interest in its welfare
    • To educate, inform and promote animal welfare to the general public to reduce animal abuse and neglect and increase good animal care.
    • To engage and collaborate with other organisations concerned with the welfare of animals.
    • To refrain from selling any animal, and from destroying any animal except on the advice of a veterinary professional, animal behaviourist and any other qualified and experienced persons as appropriate
  • Overview

    Established: March 1981

    Registered Charity Number: 1161354

    Board members: 11

    Full time staff: 1

    Part time staff: 2

    Volunteers: 47

    Phone number: 07712330829

    Address: The Mary Irwin Centre, Marlborough Lonning, Egremont CA28 9UG

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