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Team Verrico

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Team Verrico

Our mission is simple:

To help young families who are facing rare or hard to treat cancers fight and win more tomorrows. We bring hope where there is none.
We have three principal spheres of activity:

Help finance second opinions for young families. We provide practical support such as Childcare, Cleaning and Food Deliveries whilst applicants are undergoing treatment.
We support research into new treatments.
We provide confidential counselling and support.

Founded 2014

  • Mission statement

    Never Ever Give Up
    The Team Verrico counselling service was launched in June 2015, initially taking referrals from ladies undergoing treatment for Breast Cancer in the Scunthorpe area. The service has now grown and expanded to support children and families affected by rare or difficult to treat cancer.

    We also fund counselling for those affected by cancer who may not be geographically close enough to attend one of our sessions

    One recent attendee stated:

    “I feel I have gained so much confidence which had been lost since coming to counselling... I’ve been able to think much more clearly and rationally about my problems. I feel happier in myself as a whole and can look forward to the future at last... ”

    Team Verrico fund an ongoing project at the University of Sheffield which is looking at the link between the cancer pathways which allow cancers to mutate and metastasise. In particular, the project is looking at the effectiveness of PARP inhibitors. This project is ring-fenced from the
    University’s general fund and all monies are allocated directly to the project, with no administrative overheads. We are now in Year 3. The trustees are currently considering new cutting-edge research projects.
    Recent research grants have also been awarded to Brighton and Cardiff Universities.
    We operate with an all volunteer senior team. We have no employees. No one is on the payroll. Everyone involved gives their time for free to achieve the charity's goals.

  • Aims

    Team Verrico aims to:

    • Help finance second opinions for young families with a rare or difficult to treat cancer. Provide practical support such as childcare, cleaning and food whilst applicants undergo treatment.
    • Support research into new treatments and ways of diagnosing responses to the treatment of cancer in particular triple negative breast cancer.
    • Provide confidential counselling and support to applicants and their families.
  • Overview

    Established: August 2014

    Registered Charity Number: 1158126

    Board members: 5

    Volunteers: 150

    Phone number: 07967677564

    Address: PO Box 1509, Doncaster DN9 1YJ

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