The Nestling Trust

The Nestling Trust

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The Nestling Trust

Founded in 2013, to assist the population of poor remote areas of rural Nepal, the trust has worked in partnership with local NGO's and health services to provide basic health care and health education to villages where none existed previously. It also gave immediate humanitarian aid following the earthquake in 2015 - including the piping of running water to 4 villages and providing materials for 3 village health clinics to be constructed.

Founded 2013

  • Mission statement

    Our Vision
    Our vision is for the people of remote rural Nepal to have access to basic health care close to their homes.

    Our Mission
    To facilitate the construction of village health clinics, to equip and staff them, and to ensure their long term sustainability.

    Our Goals
    To facilitate access to basic health care where none exists currently.
    To ensure provision of health care basics including immunisation against infectious diseases, wound care, treatment of acute illnesses, contraception, and antenatal and post natal care.
    To offer basic health education - to include hygiene, nutrition, sexual health and drug and alcohol use.

    Our Values

    Participation - empowering the resourceful and skilled local population to take a central role in the planning, construction and running of clinics.

    Partnership - working alongside local village development committees, trusted and proven Nepalese agencies, and statutory health services in planning and establishing new services.

    Response - listening to and responding to the needs of the local people.

    Persistence - sticking to our goals and seeing projects through to a successful conclusion.

  • Aims

    The Nestling Trust aims to:

    • Improve facilities and enhance services provided from the recently established Bhirkot Community Health Clinic in Dolakha District.
    • Construct and successfully establisht a new village health clinic in Melung, Dolakha District.
    • Establish an outreach health education programme to outlying settlements in Dolakha District.
    • Contribute to the provision of piped water to Marbu village, Dolakha District.
  • Overview

    Established: November 2013

    Registered Charity Number: 1154431

    Board members: 9

    Volunteers: 12

    Phone number: 07817802363

    Address: 51 The Green SN101RT

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