The Commonwealth Pharmacists Association

The Commonwealth Pharmacists Association

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The Commonwealth Pharmacists Association

The CPA advances health, promotes wellbeing and improves medicines-related education and use for the benefit of the people of the Commonwealth. By supporting the development of safe and effective systems of medicines management, maximizing the skill level and encouraging the better use of the pharmacists, the CPA encourages the optimization of medicines and health-related advice given to the public, with the aim of improving health outcomes throughout the Commonwealth.

Founded 1970

  • Mission statement

    The CPA aims to empower pharmacists to improve health and well-being throughout the Commonwealth.

  • Aims

    The Commonwealth Pharmacists Association aims to:

    • Build a strong and diverse collaborative network between pharmacists and other health-related groups to provide support to members across the Commonwealth
    • Partner with member organisations to improve the quality of pharmacy practice throughout the Commonwealth
    • Create a platform to share knowledge and educational resources in order to continually develop the knowledge and skills of the pharmacy profession throughout the Commonwealth
  • Overview

    Established: January 1970

    Registered Charity Number: 1176132

    Board members: 4

    Part time staff: 2

    Volunteers: 9

    Phone number: 07761574284

    Address: 66-68 East Smithfield E1W 1AW

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