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The Buddy Bag Foundation

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The Buddy Bag Foundation

The Buddy Bag Foundation supports children who are taken into emergency care, often a result of domestic abuse. During this traumatic time everything changes rapidly and children
often have to leave home in the middle of the night. We exist to support these children, providing Buddy Bags with essential items and comforts – helping to restore a sense of safety and security. Over the past two years, we have distributed over 12,000 bags and we’re on track to achieve our aim of 20,200 bags by 2020.

Founded 2015

  • Mission statement

    The NSPCC Website reports that almost 400,000 children received support from Children’s services in England in 2014, and 48,000 children require emergency accommodation in the UK each year.

    We aim to support every child who is taken into refuge by providing a Buddy Bag.

    A Buddy Bag benefits a child in a number of different ways.

    On a practical level, the bag provides essential items, from pyjamas to a toothbrush, so they have some things to call their own and assist them through their daily lives.

    On an emotional level, the bag provides them with a tangible sign that someone cares about them at a time of trauma. This has a positive impact in helping the child adjust to their new surroundings and start to feel more settled. It promotes better engagement with those around them, building trust between the child and those providing emergency care.

    Each bag contains a postcard for the children and their mothers to write a few words or draw pictures, many of which are sent back to the Buddy Bag foundation. The feedback says more than we ever could:

    “When we arrived in the refuge we were scared, but my daughter was overwhelmed seeing the welcome bag full of nice things. ”

    “I love my Cinderella bag and my pyjamas. My teddy goes everywhere with me. ” Kate, aged 4

    These unsolicited expressions of emotion highlight the positive impact of the Buddy Bag Foundation, and the support the bags provide during a traumatic time.

  • Aims

    The Buddy Bag Foundation aims to:

    • Provide a Buddy Bag for every child who enters emergency accommodation in the UK - restoring a sense of safety and security.
  • Overview

    Established: December 2015

    Registered Charity Number: 1164916

    Board members: 7

    Volunteers: 1300

    Phone number: 07962669454

    Address: 10 Grange Farm Court DE15 6RP

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