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Swansea Community Boat Trust

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Swansea Community Boat Trust

By 31st October, 2010, the Trust will be purchasing a Community Boat to run on the River Tawe for the benefit of children and local community groups. Match funding is urgently needed from the private sector to release grant aid on offer from the Welsh Assembly Government.

Swansea Community Boat will bring real benefits for young people facing the challenges of disability or disadvantage. It will promote healthy life styles and bring people together. It will also provide a floating classroom for schools and lifelong learning. Historic landscapes will be displayed on screens in the boat cabin to provide an exciting "time travel" experience.

Bringing the historic inland waterway back into use with local community volunteers is giving a focus to the strong local interest and pride in the heritage of the Swansea Copperopolis sites. Sustainability issues will be highlighted by the way in which the boat is operated, The biodiversity of the river corridor will be explored and lessons drawn from the re-greening of the lower Swansea Valley.

Founded 2004

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