Linthorpe Road Resource Centre Limited

Linthorpe Road Resource Centre Limited

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Linthorpe Road Resource Centre Limited

Since the Resource Centre opened in November 2004, the centre has established several projects which cover all age groups, abilities and ethnicities; and has hosted many conferences, meetings and events for commercial and voluntary organisations and for Council Departments. The Centre’s major successes have been the procurement of key partners in the delivery of some projects. We are now embarking a new venture called 'The Good Samaritan Project'.

Founded 2004

  • Mission statement

    Middlesbrough and Eston Methodist Church
    Our Compass (Mission statement)

    Pilgrims on a journey often use a compass to help orientate themselves in changing environments and to help them understand the direction that they should travel. This is our compass.

    Who Are We?

    With other Methodists across Middlesbrough and Eston we are a connected community of Christ’s disciples who worship God with the whole of our lives.

    What Defines Us?

    Our Passion for Jesus


    Because He first loved us and gives power to our lives

    What Are We Here For?

    To Love Christ, To Grow in Christ, To Show Christ’s Love, To Make Christ Known

    How Do We Live This?

    By our prayerful day-by-day devotion to Jesus
    By sharing openly and caring deeply
    By serving as part of our communities
    By introducing new people to Jesus

    What Do We Hope For?

    We long to discover more of God’s love.
    We long to grow in faith and fellowship as we follow Jesus together.
    We long to make friends and serve as good neighbours.
    We long to see the church grow as we encourage more people to choose Jesus.

    We aim to:

    Encourage one another to grow in day by day prayerful devotion and develop our worshipping life.

    Create more opportunities for fellowship, for learning about God and for sharing our faith with one another.

    Encourage, develop and support community outreach initiatives which serve the people of Whinney Banks.

    Continue to develop the premises to help us worship God and serve the community effectively

  • Aims

    Linthorpe Road Resource Centre Limited aims to:

    • The Lunch Club will bring people together over lunch reducing isolation and increasing socialisation
    • The Games Afternoon will address the specific loneliness associated with the elderly and those living with dementia or caring for someone with dementia.
    • A work club will help people to look for work and gain new skills as well as learning to be part of a community.
    • Life skills support and training help people to manage everyday activities and to develop skills like budget management and form filling for benefits or job applications.
    • The aim of events is to create a sense of community between local residents and users as well as helping to minimise the sense of isolation and loneliness, frequently, experienced by older residents.
  • Overview

    Established: August 2004

    Registered Charity Number: 1126421

    Board members: 8

    Part time staff: 5

    Phone number: 01642225396

    Address: 54 Borough Road TS1 2JH

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