Azamrah Youth Club

Azamrah Youth Club

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Azamrah Youth Club

For some families, holidays are a period of time to look forward to. A time of fun, laughter and quality family time. However, for others holidays are a nightmare. Children/young people from dysfunctional homes and children with disabilities are very vulnerable. Holidays tend to be the most stressful and difficult times for many of these families majority of whom are on means tested income. Being home all day creates boredom leading to high stress levels and inability to function normally.

Founded 2013

  • Mission statement

    1. The provision of facilities for recreation and other leisure time occupation for children and young people who are in need of such provision because of their youth, age, infirmity, poverty or social and economic, circumstances and with the object of improving their lives.
    2. To help young people, especially but not exclusively through leisure time activities, so as to develop their capabilities that they may grow to fill maturity as individuals and members of society

  • Aims

    Azamrah Youth Club aims to:

    • To give children and young people the very best in life and opportunities they richly deserve so they can anticipate a future that is as productive and fulfilling as possible.
  • Overview

    Established: February 2013

    Registered Charity Number: 1154047

    Board members: 3

    Part time staff: 1

    Volunteers: 40

    Phone number: 0161 740 8316

    Address: 4 Ivy Gardens M7 4NY

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