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Refugee Info Bus

Operating on the front lines of Europe’s ongoing refugee crisis, we provide information to refugees in Europe. Run by a small, but committed group of volunteers, we operate two “buses” which travel to camps – both informal and sanctioned – in France and Greece. These vehicles act as community centres on wheels, providing a vital space in where people are able to access the internet, access legal information and assistance, learn about their rights, and participate in collaborative journalism.

Founded 2016

  • Mission statement

    We provide refugees and displaced people with access to the internet and technology. We also provide information regarding their legal rights in a language and format that is respectful and can be properly understood.

    Operating in Northern France, and in Greece, our focus is on marginalized and transitory populations, people who have just arrived in Europe and are still travelling, or who are beginning to try and regularise themselves and apply for asylum. We have seen how these are the people most at risk of abuse. It is vital that at this stage, support and direction is given.
    The concept of the Refugee Info Bus is based around a technological tool. Free wifi in the form of a local hotspot delivered from a mobile self sufficient office is the main service. With this tool, we run a number of different programs.

    We provide access to legal support and information, using a creative, educational approach whereby we deliver information in multilingual information packs with visual aids, and language-appropriate workshops with trained team members who are refugees themselves, who have been through the asylum process and can speak the language of workshop participants.

    Refugee Info Bus hope to advocate for the people we work with every day. We have seen how the group who has the smallest voice in the debate and policy discussion regarding the European refugee crisis, are refugees themselves. We propose to counter this using methods of collaborative journalism.

  • Aims

    Refugee Info Bus aims to:

    • Support refugees with the tools they need to access their rights - continue to produce high quality multilingual and creative legal info in formats that are interesting, up to date and understood.
    • Campaign and advocate for the rights of refugees and for fair and just legislation. Use our position as an NGO to make effective, realistic, achievable and sustained demands towards governments.
    • Challenge and improve public attitudes towards refugees, while ensuring that refugee voices - their demands, opinions and commentaries are at the forefront of our writing and journalism.
    • Source, develop and use technology to benefit refugees - WIFI and phone charging systems, SD cards for offline storage and distribution of legal info, as well as software to report border violence.
    • Diversify and expand our incomes streams, both to ensure long-term sustainability and to meet the continuing need for the services we provide.
  • Overview

    Established: August 2016

    Registered Charity Number: 1168538

    Board members: 4

    Volunteers: 15

    Phone number: 07402402798

    Address: 308 Ferry Road EH5 3NP

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