Power For The People

Power For The People

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Power For The People

Power for the People enables people living below the poverty line to kick-start sustainable development by providing essential infrastructure, knowhow and capital to build financially and operationally independent communities. Programs aim to increase household income, and improve health, literacy, numeracy, employability and business skills. Partnership with beneficiaries delivers tangible outcomes specific to their needs, and ensures programs are scalable, replicable and sustainable.

Founded 2015

  • Mission statement

    To alleviate extreme poverty by building sustainable communities for the world’s poorest people where government and the private sector are not meeting needs, powered by a backbone of basic infrastructure.
    We will achieve this by using our expertise, assets and networks to champion and develop communities that:
    - Are economically, environmentally, and socially healthy and resilient;
    - Have the necessary capabilities to meet their challenge through integrated solutions rather than through fragmented approaches that meet any single one of those goals at the expense of the others; and
    - Take a long-term perspective, focusing on self-sufficiency both in the present and the future, well beyond our Exit.

    The community’s commitment and ownership is vital for sustainability, and necessitates:
    - Active, organized, and informed citizenship;
    - Inspiring, effective, and responsive leadership; and
    - Robust, accountable and inclusive infrastructure services, institutions and businesses.

  • Aims

    Power For The People aims to:

    • Alleviate extreme poverty by building robust communities that are operationally, economically and environmentally sustainable.
  • Overview

    Established: June 2015

    Registered Charity Number: 1162330

    Board members: 11

    Part time staff: 9

    Volunteers: 15

    Phone number: 07825828573

    Address: 12 Corringway NW11 7ED

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