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Kidney Care UK

Kidney Care UK is the UK’s leading kidney patient support charity, which for over 40 years has been providing support to kidney patients, and working to improve health and social care services for patients, their families and carers.

Founded 1975

  • Mission statement

    Over three million people in the UK suffer from kidney disease to some degree, and it is incurable. Even the majority of patients with a mild form of the disease are at higher risk of cardiovascular problems, such as heart disease and stroke. A significant number go on to develop life-threatening kidney failure, requiring treatment with dialysis or by kidney transplant. Kidney failure brings with it major life changes that, alongside the many physical symptoms, also cause enormous stress and a whole range of emotional reactions such as anxiety, depression, and feelings of frustration or anger about the illness.

    With over 100 patients supported every week, and around £2 million invested in our work every year, we are passionately committed to improving life for everyone affected by the disease. We support patients through advocacy, counselling, a growing range of patient information and by providing small, immediate financial grants for those patients struggling to cope. We also fund posts in NHS kidney units such as social workers, counsellors, dieticians and youth workers, pay for equipment and fund patient-centred research in partnership with others.

  • Aims

    Kidney Care UK aims to:

    • To educate and inform the public regarding all forms of kidney and associated disorders.
    • To promote the welfare of persons suffering from kidney and renal diseases or associated disorders (“Kidney Patients”) including providing them with financial assistance.
    • To make grants to hospitals for new buildings and other construction works for kidney units, for facilities for kidney transplantation, dialysis and any other renal treatment.
    • To fund research for the benefit of Kidney Patients.
  • Overview

    Established: September 1975

    Registered Charity Number: 270288

    Board members: 10

    Full time staff: 20

    Part time staff: 10

    Phone number: 01420 541424

    Address: 3-4 The Windmills, St Mary's Close, Alton GU34 1EF

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