Charity information


S. A. F. E. Is a Kenyan NGO and UK Charity that uses the performing arts and community programmes to inspire and deliver social change.

Founded 2003

  • Mission statement

    S. A. F. E. 's mission is to use the performing arts to inspire and deliver social change. We use mobile, high-quality street theatre to challenge the cultural norms, behaviours and attitudes that underpin some of Kenya’s greatest threats - including HIV/AIDS, violence and female circumcision.

    On stage, we use theatre to overcome the barriers in people’s behaviours and communities in order to let through life-saving information and services. Our non-judgemental performances provide people with the information, skills and attitudes that enable them to take the first steps to changing their own lives for the better.

    Off stage, our audiences feel engaged with the performance and so our follow-up community programmes are welcomed and trusted. This results in huge increases in the take-up of services and sustainable, positive changes in behaviour.

  • Aims

    S.A.F.E. aims to:

    • HIV/ AIDS Education: To deliver public health education and services, overcome stigma of HIV and discourage discrimination to alleviate the effects of HIV on Kenya's already disadvantaged population.
    • End Female Circumcision: To work with a community of 40,000 to sensitively challenge this ancient Maasai tradition through performance, outreach, training and encouraging an alternative for girls.
    • Water Health: To use performance and training to encourage remote communities to purify their water and make drinking water safe in order to preserve health.
    • Environmental Protection: To promote sustainable development for the benefit of the public through the protection of the environment and prudent use of resources with the Loita Maasai.
  • Overview

    Established: May 2003

    Registered Charity Number: 1155626

    Board members: 10

    Full time staff: 40

    Part time staff: 11

    Volunteers: 100

    Phone number: 020 7025 7556

    Address: PO Box 68922 London E1W 9HD

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