Children of the Dump (The Asian Students Christian Trust)

Children of the Dump (The Asian Students Christian Trust)

Charity information

Children of the Dump (The Asian Students Christian Trust)

Children of the Dump transforms the lives of children through education. The work focuses around the open rubbish dumps of Manila in the Philippines. In 2019 the biggest focus is providing support for 40 children aged 4 years old to ensure that they can stay at the newly re-opened Cashew Tree Early Years School

Founded 1975

  • Mission statement

    We believe every child deserves to be able to reach their potential. This is denied to most scavenger children around the Payatas dumpsite. We exist to provide the opportunities and skills for some of the most deprived children of the Philippines to become mature adults able to take a responsible place in family and community

    We achieve this by:-
    -Providing high quality education from professional staff in a secure and dedicated pre-school, Cashew Tree House
    -Providing a caring residential home, Mango Tree House, with professional staff, in a secure and loving environment where it is impossible for children to stay in a family home
    -Support is provided for children through education through Early Years (aged 4 to 6) , support to families to allow children (aged from 6) to go to elementary school and college as well as to receive social support in the home
    -Supporting them in Christian teaching, through worship and by example
    -Ensuring that there is a fully qualified professionally run organisation staffed by locals on the ground in the Philippines able to co-operate with other local organisations as well as the local authorities -

  • Aims

    Children of the Dump (The Asian Students Christian Trust) aims to:

    • To provide early years education for scavenger children living or working around Payatas rubbish dump in Manila at the Cashew Tree Early Years School
    • To enable the poorest children to remain in education for as long as they need to achieve their potential and prevent them having to work as scavengers through the the Grapevine outreach
    • To provide a safe, loving home for abandoned, abused or neglected children who cannot safely stay with family. To support them in their education to achieve their full potential at Mango Tree Hous
  • Overview

    Established: February 1975

    Registered Charity Number: 272328

    Board members: 8

    Part time staff: 2

    Phone number: 01276 942030

    Address: High Cross Church, Knoll Road, Camberley Surrey GU15 3SY

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