The Tom Ap Rhys Pryce Memorial Trust

The Tom Ap Rhys Pryce Memorial Trust

Charity information

The Tom Ap Rhys Pryce Memorial Trust

Tom's Trust is a funding charity supporting a diverse range of projects providing disadvantaged children and young people in London with opportunities they might not otherwise have, in music, sport, literacy and vocational training which focuses on, for example, life skills and leadership. Please see our website: www. Tomaprhyspryce. Com

Founded 2006

  • Mission statement

    The objectives of Tom’s Trust are to (1) provide educational and vocational training opportunities to disadvantaged children and youths in the London area who might not otherwise have access to them, in the hope that they can achieve their potential and lead rewarding lives, and (2) help tackle and prevent the root causes of violent gang culture and violent street crime.

  • Aims

    The Tom Ap Rhys Pryce Memorial Trust aims to:

    • To raise money so that we can continue to support charities working with young people in London, who desperately need funding due to continuous cutbacks by both the Government and London Boroughs.
  • Overview

    Established: February 2006

    Registered Charity Number: 1112771

    Board members: 8

    Volunteers: 6

    Phone number: 01483224237

    Address: 11 Birnam Close GU23 6JH

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