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30 Bird

Established in 1996 and based in Cambridge, 30 Bird is an award winning company, recognised as being at the forefront of interdisciplinary and transcultural arts practice in the UK.

Founded 1996

  • Mission statement

    Our creative process is a collaborative one, working with practitioners from a variety of disciplines: architecture, archeology, science, and any other non-art discipline; mixed with visual arts, dance, music, theatre and film. All contributors bring their own understanding, knowledge and sensibilities to co-create a multi-dimensional piece. Each piece is different and reflects the unique combination of its participants.
    Equally, our work has an international flavour, collaborating with artists and practitioners from as varied a background as the UK, Iran, Germany, Italy, Poland, India, Japan and Turkey.
    30 Bird’s core ambition is to create new art forms, influenced by and capturing the multiplicity of our cultural inheritance (Middle Eastern and European), engaging with a diversity of participants and audiences in various spaces and places.
    Our artistic vision often captures and engages with dangerous moments where communication breaks down, opening widows to the possibility of accessing a world beyond the familiar.

  • Aims

    30 Bird aims to:

    • To use culture clashes to investigate new art forms across the arts, sciences and education
    • To engage with diverse communities nationally and internationally
    • To embrace diversity across every aspect of our work
    • To develop new talents in transcultural performance
    • To participate and contribute to research locally, nationally and internationally
  • Overview

    Established: March 1996

    Registered Charity Number: 1057194

    Board members: 4

    Part time staff: 4

    Phone number: 01223 403 362

    Address: Cambridge Junction - Clifton Way - Cambridge CB1 7GX

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