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Mission Rabies Limited

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Mission Rabies Limited

Mission Rabies aims to eliminate rabies from the world by 2030. We launched the program in the rabies hotspot of the world - India - where a third of all rabies deaths are reported to occur. Our work in India was just the beginning. In 2015 we expanded our vaccination program to other high rabies-risk countries in Asia and Africa, wiping out rabies at the source and saving lives. We now work in 5 countries delivering life-saving vaccination and education outreach work at 7 unique project sites.

Founded 2013

  • Mission statement

    The goal of Mission Rabies is to eliminate rabies and end deaths caused by rabies by conducting mega vaccine drives and educating local residents on the disease.

    Over 99% of cases of human rabies are caused by an infected dog bite. Once symptoms of the disease develop, it is always fatal.

    Every year, millions of healthy dogs are inhumanely killed for fear of this deadly disease. However, this doesn't halt the spread of rabies, which causes the deaths of around 61,000 people a year – the majority of which are children under 15.

    Mission Rabies is going to change that.

    Rabies is a 100% preventable disease. Vaccinating dogs against rabies has been proven to stop the spread of the disease to people and saves the lives of humans and dogs.

    Our aim is to eliminate rabies from the world by 2030.

    Since the inception of Mission Rabies, there have been more than 500,000 dogs vaccinated, more than 64,000 dogs sterilised, and approaching 1 million children educated about rabies prevention.

    The impact of Mission Rabies goes beyond vaccinating dogs. By working to eliminate the disease in rabies-endemic locations and educating members of the local community, dog bites are reduced, human rabies deaths are prevented and the environment becomes safer for those who reside there.

    We WILL eliminate rabies!

  • Aims

    Mission Rabies Limited aims to:

    • To eliminate rabies from the world by 2030.
  • Overview

    Established: September 2013

    Registered Charity Number: 1162293

    Board members: 5

    Full time staff: 6

    Part time staff: 4

    Volunteers: 70

    Phone number: 01725 557225

    Address: 4 Castle Street, Cranborne, Dorset BH21 5PZ

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