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Better Lives Foundation

We provide educational and medical support in remote areas where it is scarce. Our team of Volunteers, from a variety of background, work selflessly and tirelessly for our projects both in Uttarakhand (North India) and Yonibana, Sierra Leone (West Africa). Our volunteers are the back bone of our charity without whom we could not have achieved many of our Milestones.

Founded 2008

  • Mission statement

    Sustainability is the key to a successful project. We recognise the synergy between the commercial and ethical objective and the result has been to create an ethical culture in everything we do. We strive to achieve our project objectives and partner with like-minded charities to provide additional support for our ongoing initiatives.

    Over the last decade we have worked on a long term sustainable development plan. We have built and established “Yonibana Sai Hospital”, a Primary Health Care Clinic with a Day Case Surgical Unit. We have implemented a Preventative Health Education Program, aiming to prevent and reduce the 5 most common diagnosis in the Tonkolilli District.

    Our education program has students ranging from Secondary School through to University. The vocations undertaken by them range from Doctors, Nurses, Health Workers, Social Workers, I. T. To Carpentry, Plumbing, Accounting, Teachers, and Agriculturalists and many others.

    Our agriculture project has just started with the planting of pineapples, aloe vera, coconuts, cashew nuts and much more within our 25 acre site at the Yonibana Sai Hospital. There are plans to expand the project in association with local land owners to teach them to become independent and self sufficient. This will make the whole community more sustainable in the coming years.

  • Aims

    Better Lives Foundation aims to:

    • Local students are sponsored to attend Schools, Colleges and Universities, empowering them to become independent adults who can create a better future for themselves, their families & Communities.
  • Overview

    Established: January 2008

    Registered Charity Number: 1122290

    Board members: 3

    Volunteers: 460

    Phone number: 02032393277

    Address: Jetta House, J003, 15-16 Westfield Lane HA3 9ED

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