Charity information


To provide for the relief of mental distress and the resulting suffering and isolation experienced by women and girls, by the provision of information, advice and assistance.

Womankind helps vulnerable and disadvantaged women with mental health problems. Womankind's aim is to help women to improve their mental health and well being by providing a range of therapeutic and accessible services. Current activities include: confidential assessments, 1:1 general counselling, a Helpline for women in distress and for women experiencing domestic abuse, outreach counselling for women affected by rape and sexual violence, specialist counselling for deaf women, outreach befriending for women who are socially isolated and excluded, individual and group support for refugee and asylum seeking women and their children, open ended therapy groups and fixed term groups focussing on a specific topic, for example, domestic abuse. We are committed to improving women's mental health and therefore quality of life. Many of the women we work with have experienced very abusive backgrounds and these experiences have deeply affected their ability to have healthy relationships and to fully particpate in community living. Helping women to come to terms with what are often very traumatic events is essential to their recovery.

Founded 1986