The Changarawe Project

The Changarawe Project

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The Changarawe Project

The Changarawe Project helps people - by providing education and access to finance - to help themselves. Our aim is to do a small thing extremely well and to help, in a truly sustainable way, people who would otherwise have very little.

Founded 1999

  • Mission statement

    The Changarawe Project was started in 1998 by Caro Walford and Felistas Kalomo (from Changarawe) with the aim of providing free nursery education for the many orphaned and destitute children of Changarawe village in Tanzania. In 1999 the Zawadi school was opened.
    The charity has grown over the years and the school is now complemented by four other initiatives:
    - A Microfinance Scheme for women and young people
    - The Nigel Lloyd Fund for orphan support
    - The BabuBibi Club for grandmothers and grandfathers
    - A Peer Educator Group: entertaining and informative performances on health and lifestyle issues

  • Aims

    The Changarawe Project aims to:

    • The Zawadi school: a pre-primary school providing education for 4-6 year-olds.
    • Microfinance Scheme: lends money to villagers looking to start or grow their businesses.
    • The Nigel Lloyd Fund for orphan supports 150 orphaned and destitute children funding their education, access to a study centre, giving extra food and amenities.
    • The Babubibi Club: supports the grandparent carers of many of the orphans with a food care package and light employment to support the charity's initiatives.
    • The Peer Educator Group: a group of students who perform plays and skits at schools around the region about social issues, such as HIV awareness and FGM.
  • Overview

    Established: January 1999

    Registered Charity Number: 1098215

    Board members: 9

    Full time staff: 22

    Volunteers: 9

    Phone number: 07939662309

    Address: 16 Hilgay GU1 2ED

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