Charity information

Enham Trust

Enham Trust is a disability charity that works with over 8,500 individuals each year, helping them have increased independence and choice in the cornerstone areas of their lives including housing, care, work and skills development, enabling them to live the lives they choose.

Founded 1919

  • Mission statement

    Our mission at Enham Trust is to maximise opportunities for disabled people to live the lives they choose.

    At Enham Trust, we see the possibilities - not the impossibilities. We want to make life more positive for the thousands of people we support every day. With your support, we have the power to say ‘yes’. Our work enables anyone to say "Yes, I can try that". "Yes, I can do that" or "Yes, I am in control"..

    We aim to touch every aspect of the lives of people living with physical and learning disabilities. We offer a number of services for disabled people, putting the power back in to their hands.

  • Aims

    Enham Trust aims to:

    • Maximise opportunities for disabled people to live the lives they choose.
    • Empower disabled people to exercise choice and control.
    • Create opportunities for disabled people to work.
    • Ensure sustainability of the charity through growth and diversification.
    • Be a national voice on disability issues.
  • Overview

    Established: January 1919

    Registered Charity Number: 211235

    Board members: 7

    Full time staff: 194

    Part time staff: 173

    Volunteers: 100

    Phone number: 08451 307504

    Address: Enham Place, Enham Alamein, Andover, Hampshire SP11 6JS

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