NOISE, New Opera In Scotland Events

NOISE, New Opera In Scotland Events

Charity information

NOISE, New Opera In Scotland Events

NOISE commissions new operas and performs them throughout Scotland. We seek to make work that appeals to existing opera fans and attracts new audiences to the art form. We were founded in 2011 and our first piece by our Music Director, Gareth Williams and librettist David Brock, was the Sloans Project performed in Sloans Bar in Glasgow. Our second piece, Hirda, was an opera for Shetland by Gareth Williams and Shetland fiddler and composer Chris Stout with a libretto by Sian Evans.

Founded 2011

  • Mission statement

    The company is committed to making operas for specific communities and places throughout Scotland. We seek to make music theatre that expresses something of the emotional life of the places in which we make our work. We are not afraid of the word 'accessible,' and we want our audience to identify with the work we are making.

    We perform our work in a variety of places, many not usually associated with opera e. G. A pub, village halls, a craft brewery. We want our audience to feel intrigued by the venues we choose and hope this makes them more open to coming to an opera if they have never done so before,

    We seek to cross musical genres and we work musicians and composers who do not necessarily see opera as a field that they would work in. Our present project, 'The Distilling Project,' is with Folk Rock band Admiral Fallow. We will perform the opera in distilleries throughout Scotland.

    We perform our operas in the language local to the location of the opera, Glaswegian, Shetlandic, and our ambition is to create a repertoire of Scottish Operas.

  • Aims

    NOISE, New Opera In Scotland Events aims to:

    • To help increase the cultural capital of Scotland and reflect the lives of those who live and work there.
    • To give access to this art form to those who cannot, or will not, do so in the opera house.
    • To create employment for singers, instrumentalists and other theatre workers.
  • Overview

    Established: January 2011

    Board members: 6

    Phone number: 07974007440

    Address: 1/1, 10 Circus Drive G31 2JH

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  • The Distilling Project

    A collaboration between folk rock band Admiral Fallow and Classical Composer Gareth Willia... More