The Kanyike Project

The Kanyike Project

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The Kanyike Project

The Kanyike Project is an initiative to support sustainable community development in Uganda. The Project was founded in 1986 in an area devastated by many years of war, by Fr Kakuba whose vision was to empower members of the local community to support themselves, Our primary focus is fourfold: education (nursery and primary); health care ( treatment and prevention through a clinic and mobile clinics); water supply and sanitation; and agriculture. Visit www. Kanyikeproject. Org. Uk

Founded 2009

  • Mission statement

    Turning problems into opportunities.
    Enable sustainability.
    Illiteracy widespread? Begin classes under a tree.
    No school or health centre? Then build them! School burnt down after a lightening strike? Re-build and fit lightening conductors.
    Heavy rain fall pours off roofs and erodes the mud roads? Then harvest and store water to aid irrigation, increase the available supply of water and protect the roads.
    HIV/AIDS widespread? Provide mobile health clinics to take treatment and advice about prevention to the villagers. And provide a free school lunch for children orphaned by AIDS.

  • Aims

    The Kanyike Project aims to:

    • Education enables progress. Lessons began under a tree in 1987; a primary school was built in 1987 and a nursery in 2014. Porridge is provided for orphans to aid their learning.
    • Health care to enable long and productive lives. We tackle HIV/Aids, battle malaria and deal with typhus, as well as malnutrition and disease and illness with a Health Centre and mobile clinics.
    • Provision of clean water transforms lives. Clean, protect and maintain the existing nine springs. Work to pipe water to the heart of the Project (the Health Centre) is currently underway.
  • Overview

    Established: March 2009

    Registered Charity Number: 1129385

    Board members: 11

    Volunteers: 50

    Phone number: 07952476519

    Address: 204, Knightsfield AL8 7RQ

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