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Studio 3 Arts

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Studio 3 Arts

Studio 3 Arts uses art to make people’s lives better.

Our mission is to use creative media to build communities and achieve the following objectives:

• Improve individual lives
• Offer new experiences
• Encourage existing interest in the arts
• Make art available to everyone
• Develop new and emerging artists
• Reduce social exclusion

We will achieve this by developing highest quality, best practice arts projects in the following areas:

• Art in the public realm
• Performing arts
• Digital arts
• Training, accreditation and consultation

Our work is delivered through four strategic, overarching strands:

• Big Deal: arts for children and young people aged 0-19
• Intergen East: arts that bring different generations together
• Visible Art: art in public places and spaces
• Art for Improvement: arts-based training, strategy development, and consultation

Projects are funded and supported by:

• Central government bodies
• Local authority departments
• Trusts and foundations
• Corporate Social Responsibility

Founded 1987