Raaps-uk( Network of Actions and Supports for Social Protection)

Raaps-uk( Network of Actions and Supports for Social Protection)

Charity information

Raaps-uk( Network of Actions and Supports for Social Protection)

RAAPS-UK is a new charity in Wales working on relief of poverty in the Democratic Republic of Congo, by helping and looking after orphan, abandoned children and trafficking women and poor families... We have started a new project called '' Modern UK Academy/DRC Campus which contains a primary, secondary and ESOL classes for adults to get access to free school, as well as building dormitories for them. RAAPS-UK has its main office in Wales and will recruit volunteers teachers to teach in DRC...

Founded 2015

  • Mission statement

    As said earlier, the main office is in Wales mostly Swansea. We are looking for funding or a start up grant so that we can hire our office, buy equipment for office, opening our website, recruiting volunteers and volunteers teachers, organizing ESOL and TEFL training opportunities in order to go to teach in the DRC. In the meantime we are recruiting and gather all the beneficiaries (orphan children) in the Democratic republic of Congo in collaboration or partnership with RAAPS-DRC. Once the recruitment has finished before or by the end of July2017and we have funding , then, we would be able to start school next September 2017 or April 2018. We are first planning to hire schools building in the meanwhile we are continue to build ours. RAAPS-UK is entirely a UK charity although one of its mission is to go to teach and gather vulnerable children in the Democratic Republic of Congo who have lost their parents and families because of wars... RAAPS-UK will create many jobs here in UK such as volunteers teachers, administrators, receptionist, managers, volunteers coordinator etc...

  • Aims

    Raaps-uk( Network of Actions and Supports for Social Protection) aims to:

    • - Have an official office in UK and all the equipment in which we will be able to recruit volunteers teachers ; organising training opportunities and jobs, as well as having meeting for trustees..
    • Building English schools and dormitories in the Democratic Republic of Congo and follow UK Curriculum for orphan , abandoned , homeless children/youth to have the basic skills of education...
    • Reinforcing a partnership between the Democratic republic of Congo and United Kingdom for economic, education and immigration purposes...
  • Overview

    Established: December 2015

    Registered Charity Number: 1171963

    Board members: 5

    Volunteers: 15

    Phone number: 07405551117


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