Parents For Parents - North Yorks (working name Parents4Parents-NorthYorks)

Parents For Parents - North Yorks (working name Parents4Parents-NorthYorks)

Charity information

Parents For Parents - North Yorks (working name Parents4Parents-NorthYorks)

Our charity provides peer support for parents from military and civilian families living in North Yorkshire who face difficult personal and social cicumstances when they are expecting and/or looking after their children, The support is provided by carefully recruited and trained parents from the same communities and who have withstood similar circumstances to those faced by parents they support. They offer individual peer support and facilitate peer support groups.

Founded 2014

  • Mission statement

    Our mission is:
    To provide unique peer support services for parents in North Yorkshire, delivered by trained volunteers from their own communities who have withstood similar experiences.
    Our services are vital and we want to make sure they are available to the parents who need them.
    We are committed to identifying and nurturing new volunteers who go on to become qualified peer supporters.

    We know how hard it can be to cope with being a parent, especially if life is imposing additional pressures at the same time.

    We want all parents to help the parents we support to feel confident in their role and their personal worth so that they can thrive as individuals, have strong relationships with their children and the people close to them and be active members of their communities.

    We want to enable parents facing adversity when they are expecting or looking after their children to achieve those things for themselves and their families.

    We want to sustain and stregnthen our organisation so that we can cintinue to provide high quality peer support to the parents who need it most.

  • Aims

    Parents For Parents - North Yorks (working name Parents4Parents-NorthYorks) aims to:

    • The advancement of health for the public benefit of expectant parents and parents with particular reference to their mental and emotional needs in particular, but not exclusively, by:
    • The provision of confidential personal and social support for parents who face challenging circumstances that affect their mental and emotional wellbeing, when expecting or looking after children
    • Enabling parents who have experienced challenging circumstances when expecting, or looking after their children to become trained peer supporters
    • Building relationships with parents in the communities served by our charity and the organisations which work with them and enable them to influence the development of our charity's services
    • Raising public awareness of the adverse circumstances that parents can face when expecting, or looking after their children and how peer support can mitigate their impact on parents' wellbeing
  • Overview

    Established: July 2014

    Registered Charity Number: 1159358

    Board members: 11

    Part time staff: 3

    Volunteers: 20

    Phone number: 07864502301

    Address: Community House, 6 Flints Terrace, Richmond, North Yorkshire DL10 7AH

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