Weir Quay Community Watersports Hub Club Ltd

Weir Quay Community Watersports Hub Club Ltd

Charity information

Weir Quay Community Watersports Hub Club Ltd

The WQCWHC [Hub Club] is jointly founded and funded by members of the two clubs at Weir Quay on the Devon-shore of the River Tamar on the Bere Ferrers Peninsula near Bere Alston. Land was purchased and planning permission granted for the hillside close to the foreshore to have a The Dinghy & Gig Park to provide a home for the boats from both Clubs those members have raised and spent >£160,000 to date; the sum includes many generous private donations & public grants, Sport England gave the most!

Founded 2009

  • Mission statement

    The new facility, Weir Quay Community Watersports Hub Club (often referred to as the Hub Club), is vital because the Sailing and Gig clubs lost their old clubhouse when the lease ran out in 2009 rendering them homeless.

    Despite an extension of use of the premises until September 2013, finally the clubs had to vacate and became homeless. This lack of boat storage and facilities seriously jeopardised future participation by the community in water sports recreation at Weir Quay.

    The new Dinghy & Gig Park - [excavated 2016] is home for the boats from both Clubs.

    The pressing void in our 'business model' is the lack of a boat & storage shed that will cost ~£40,000 to build and fit out.

    It will have a Core use beyond storage as a training base for the juniors/cadets of both Clubs. These young people will be vital to the long-term health of rowers and sailors - some of whom are sufficiently talented to contend for future Olympic team places. They will learn the basics of boat maintenance from which safe usage follows.
    The training will concentrate upon the skills essential to safe and competitive water sports.

  • Aims

    Weir Quay Community Watersports Hub Club Ltd aims to:

    • To establish a centre and home for two Watersports- focused Clubs [the Tamar & Tavy Gig Club and Weir Quay Sailing Club]
    • To raise funds to pay for the erection of a Dinghy & Gig Park with a Boat Shed suitable for storage and to provide changing and toilet facilities for the members, many of whom are cadets and juniors.
    • Start training the juniors/cadets, vital for long-term health of rowers & sailors to contend for future Olympic team places, learning the safe usage and skills essential for competitive watersports
  • Overview

    Established: November 2009

    Registered Charity Number: 1142195

    Board members: 8

    Volunteers: 213

    Phone number: 01822 840002

    Address: Hunter's Oak PL20 7HT

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