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Shrewsbury House

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Shrewsbury House

Shrewsbury House was established in 1903 as a Mission for Shrewsbury School in Shropshire because it was one of the poorest areas of the City of Liverpool. The Mission was dropped many years ago and the club is known locally as 'The Shewsy'. Today the club still retains excellent links with the school and two way exchanges take place frequently.
The club provides a lifeline for the local community in the form of support, fun leisure activities, a place for recreation, learning and friendships.

Founded 1903

  • Mission statement

    Our Vision:
    We seek to serve the local Everton community and beyond, especially (particularly) with a purpose to meet the educational, social and emotional needs of the children and young people. Our vision is to draw out the talent and potential of all our young people so that each one will discover a positive purpose and direction for their life.
    Our Background and Purpose:
    Founded by Shrewsbury School in 1903, we are known locally as the Shewsy. Our core business is working with children and young people. We provide a place to go and things to do. Our motto is “People Matter More Than Things” and this guides our approach.
    Through informal education, we aim to meet social, recreational, emotional and spiritual needs of our young people. We do this through the relationships and self confidence we build and the activity and learning programmes we offer.
    We are connected to and work in partnership with Shrewsbury School. We share a site with St Peter’s Church with whom we have a good, working relationship. We aim to work closely with many primary and secondary schools and currently have children from 11 local schools attending club. We are also part of several youth networks and are supported financially through MPAC from the Liverpool Play Partnership for our out of school holiday schemes. These youth networks include; the local authority Children’s Services, the Liverpool Council for Voluntary Service, the Merseyside Youth Association and the National Frontier Youth Trust.

  • Aims

    Shrewsbury House aims to:

    • At The Shewsy we feel it is important that our staff team and volunteers have access to quality training to support them in their role. It is our aim to provide this whenever courses become available
    • We aim to provide a safe environment for children and young people to develop as citizens and to help them on their journey towards being able to contribute as positive members of society
    • We aim to meet the educational, social and emotional needs through the provision of a Youth and Community Centre known locally as The Shewsy
  • Overview

    Established: June 1903

    Registered Charity Number: 1058694

    Board members: 14

    Full time staff: 2

    Part time staff: 13

    Volunteers: 4

    Phone number: 0151 207 0725

    Address: Shrewsbury House Youth & Community Centre, 37 Langrove Street, Everton, Liverpool L5 3PE

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