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The Challenger Trust

Our vision
'That all young people have the opportunity to maximise their potential through outdoor learning'
The Challenger Trust was set up in 1998, to give disadvantaged young people from some of the most socially deprived areas of the UK, the opportunity to develop life skills and improve their education and employment prospects, through challenging personal development and leadership programmes in the outdoors. Many young people in the UK are unable to engage with the traditional education system and find themselves marginalised; unable to learn or develop skills and without the self confidence or direction to choose a positive path in life. Those from disadvantaged backgrounds, without positive role models or family support, are especially vulnerable and unlikely to reach their potential.
Innovative programmes are required to give these young people life-skills and an alternative path to success. Giving them the means and motivation to succeed will bring benefits not only to their school but to their communities and society at large.

The Challenger Trust uses experiential outdoor learning which incorporates a personal development programme and core learning theme. We also make our courses progressive and where possible link to other appropriate awards or projects, such as Duke of Edinburgh. Our approach seeks a collaborative approach to extend the scope and effectiveness of our work. To have the greatest effect we focus the most disadvantaged communities and on children in or pre transition.

The Challenger Trust raises funds and commissions work which delivers these acknowledged benefits to young people up to the age of 18 who would not otherwise have the means to access them. We work in close partnership with schools, local support agencies and suppliers to give young people the skills they need to become active and responsible members of their schools and communities. Our courses focus on developing learning and employment skills and have consistently been proved to:
• Raise aspirations by developing self-esteem and confidence.
• Develop the life-skills that young people will need to be successful in the world of work - teamwork, leadership, problem solving, communication and decision making.
• Enable young people to gain a better understanding of their local area, the environment and its history.
• Focus young people’s attitude towards healthy living, including cookery and money management skills.

We will meet these aims by:-
• Giving young people the chance to excel and show their skills in a completely new and supportive environment, experiencing things that they thought were not possible.
• Focusing on skills improvement of all activities facilitated by instructors. Progress and learning will be reviewed throughout the course and questionnaires will be completed at the end showing what was learnt.
• Ensuring all young people manage their own budget for the week by being responsible for their own shopping and cooking. This addresses one of the key concepts of the course in self-management.

The key to the success of this work is a close relationship with our funding partners. We achieve this by:

• Producing the best outdoor educational training in this field using the UK’s leading practitioners.
• Assuring that every project is a unique and highly customised experience delivering tangible evidence based benefits and outcomes.
• Building in sponsor links and PR as required.
• Ensuring 100% of funding goes to the nominated project.

Founded 1998

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