Association Of Interchurch Families

Association Of Interchurch Families

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Association Of Interchurch Families

Couples in which each of the partners belong to a different Christian denomination are referred to as “interchurch couples” to reflect their involvement in the life of their two churches. The Association provides information and support to such families and acts as a voice in the churches bringing their needs and opportunities to the attention of church leaders.

Founded 1968

  • Mission statement

    In response to the pastoral needs of such families the Association of Interchurch Families was founded in 1968, and it now provides:

    a Support Network;
    an Information Service for interchurch families and those concerned with their pastoral care;
    and a Voice in the Churches – by keeping the pastoral needs of interchurch families on the agenda of church leaders and communities – at all levels.

  • Aims

    Association Of Interchurch Families aims to:

    • An information service
    • A support network
    • By keeping the pastoral needs of interchurch families before church leaders at all levels and by affirming the gifts of interchurch families as a catalyst for wider church unity.
  • Overview

    Established: August 1968

    Registered Charity Number: 283811

    Board members: 6

    Part time staff: 1

    Volunteers: 15

    Phone number: 020 33842947

    Address: 6th Floor, 10 Aldersgate Street, London EC1A 4HJ

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