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We enable young people to explore the realities of lasting relationships and marriage in today's world.
We recruit married couples and place them in school & other youth orientated settings to talk freely giving answers to questions posed by young people themselves. This unique experience sows the seed of hope and reality in young minds, the majority aspire to enjoy a lasting relationship in the future to nurture their own families.

Founded 1998

  • Mission statement

    The challenges facing our young people today are many and varied and as they grow up in to adulthood many express concern about coping with the challenges they will face in later life, in maintaining long-term personal relationships. The problem is particularly acute in neighbourhood where married life is a rarity and in homes where parental relationships are not stable. In a modern society where celebrities are no longer modelling secure family lives and in a country where open and frank dialogue between generations does not routinely take place Explore believes it is even more vital that our young people have access to workshops and the opportunity to discuss, challenge and openly debate the issues around long-term relationships and marriage. There are around 500,000 family breakdowns across the UK each year, the majority being separations of unmarried partners. The costs are enormous, both actual and emotional and are borne by the individuals, the community and the state. The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) report of June 2015 puts the physical figure at £48 billion, which equates to £88,000 per separation. This does not include the emotional cost and level of distress these breakdowns incur.

  • Aims

    Explore aims to:

    • To deliver more of our Explore experiences in more and varied settings across London and throughout the south of England & West Midlands, particularly in disadvantaged areas.
    • To enable more vulnerable young people to access the unique opportunity to participate in an Explore experience.
    • To engage more young people to help drive our innovation and impact, giving them a voice to express their hopes and fears about long term relationships.
  • Overview

    Established: March 1998

    Registered Charity Number: 1084226

    Board members: 5

    Full time staff: 1

    Part time staff: 10

    Volunteers: 180

    Phone number: 07486048443

    Address: Suite 102, 5 Charter House, Lord Montgomery Way, Portsmouth PO1 2SN

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