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City Escape

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City Escape

We aim to improve the lives and opportunities of disadvantaged inner city children and young people who come from financially or socially deprived backgrounds. Our two week sleepaway summer programme with recreational, leisure and health related activities enhances the children's social development and improves their confidence and self-esteem, providing them with the tools to enrich their lives and their future.

Founded 1998

  • Mission statement

    City Escape provides a summer holiday programme for disadvantaged inner city children between the ages of 11-16 away from the crime-ridden, inner city streets, in beautiful rural surroundings. We target children from economically disadvantaged and socially deprived backgrounds. Our program develops their organisational and leadership abilities as the children are encouraged to help organise as well as to take part in all aspects of the programme. Due to the increasing risk of obesity in today’s society, we place a large emphasis on healthy eating and living. Our programme includes food workshops, music, dance, sport competitions (not too serious! ), swimming, cycling along the countryside, hikes with the aid of maps and compasses, and teaching the young people to appreciate the environment and its health giving potential. They will learn to prepare healthy menus, experimenting with locally produced and pick your own fruit and vegetables. The programme will also include opportunities for role plays and drama. Being a part of our programme enhances the children's social development and improves their confidence and self-esteem so that they return home invigorated and refreshed - physically and mentally and emotionally.

  • Aims

    City Escape aims to:

    • A positive summer environment - an escape from the hot, inner city streets lurking with crime, drugs and anti social behaviour, to a completely safe, caring and nurturing environment.
    • Improved health and wellbeing as a result of the total immersion in a healthy way of life in all aspects, including diet and life style, and the incentive to continue this new way of life together.
    • A stronger community. By providing the tools to improve their lives and their futures, we are empowering them to become active citizens, setting them on a happier and more successful track in life.
    • Newfound interests in practical activities such as, music, cooking, swimming and sports, often leading to new hobbies and pathways to employment.
    • Improved leadership and organisational abilities - as a result of being involved in all stages of planning and organising, both prior and during our programme.
  • Overview

    Established: May 1998

    Registered Charity Number: 1069707

    Board members: 4

    Volunteers: 20

    Phone number: 020 8806 5745

    Address: 30 Moresby Road, London E5 9LF

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