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Nicky's Foundation

Nicky's Foundation changes lives of vulnerable persons living in SW Cameroon. We identify and support individuals (and their family) through a life changing event and provide follow up to ensure any change is sustained.
Life changing events that we support include surgery to correct a disability; setting up small businesses so that an individual with a disability can income generate rather than beg; school sponsorship (mainstream & special) & giving specialist equipment to enable independence

Founded 2013

  • Mission statement

    Nicky’s Foundation improves the lives of vulnerable children and people living with disabilities in southwest Cameroon.
    In order to achieve our mission we firstly have to reach our target audience who are often living in very rural areas with no means of mobility/transportation to seek out help for themselves. To overcome this barrier, in 2015 Nicky's Foundation, in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Affairs, SW Cameroon, embarked on delivering a sensitisation program with the aim being to reach all of the population in the area served.
    The objectives of the sensitisation program are:
    - To ensure all persons receive information that could be helpful to them
    - To support people who are eligible for support to apply for assistance
    - To promote the rights of persons living with a disability
    - To promote the right that very child should be given the opportunity to attend school
    The sensitisation program comprises of giving educative talks to groups such as traditional councils, church meetings, teachers, student groups, professional meetings and the village populations in general.

  • Aims

    Nicky's Foundation aims to:

    • To ensure the population served has access to the correct information and are empowered to act
    • To identify and support individuals to undergo life changing surgeries where a disability can be corrected
    • To promote independence by identifying, training and supervising people living with a disability to set up and manage their own small business
    • To promote independence by identifying, training and supervising people living with a disability to use specialist equipment
    • To promote the right that every child should be given the opportunity to learn in school and to identity children who are not attending school and to work with families to provide a solution
  • Overview

    Established: July 2013

    Registered Charity Number: 1159991

    Board members: 4

    Volunteers: 12

    Phone number: 07821431537

    Address: 30 Beatrice Road, Norwich, Norfolk NR1 4BB

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