Bansang Hospital Appeal

Bansang Hospital Appeal

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Bansang Hospital Appeal

Bansang Hospital is a vital health resource serving 600,000 of the world's poorest peoples in The Gambia, Mali, Senegal and beyond.

Prior to our charities inception in 1992, the hospital was in a desperate state, and on the verge of closure.

The story today is very different. The hospital is now recognised as a best-practice example in maternal health, malnutrition/burns care, sustainable health delivery and staff retention/motivation.

We want to build on these successes; please help us do so

Founded 1992

  • Mission statement

    The principles on which Anita Smith MBE founded the Bansang Hospital Appeal are simple; no mother should die whilst giving life, and no child should die due to preventable causes.

    Back in 1992, those simple principles seemed so very far away. The hospital was without cannulas to administer drugs, electricity to conduct operations, staff to look after patients... And most importantly of all, any kind of hope for a better future.

    It was a truly bleak place; one where women and children were dying with unceasing frequency - ripping apart their communities in the process, and making this beautiful part of Africa a place of unrelenting human misery.

    It has taken an incredible amount of hard work and dedication to put Bansang Hospital on its current path. For 24 years, our incredible supporters in the UK and beyond have helped Anita and the hospital management to take unprecedented steps. Through unceasing in-kind, financial and material support, Bansang Hospital has become a bastion of hope. We now have;

    - Near 100% staff retention (unprecedented ANYWHERE in Africa)
    - Incredible advances in child and maternal mortality rates
    - Internationally recognised expertise in malnutrition and burns treatment
    - An expansive renovation programme that has overhauled every aspect of the hospital

    We have given hope where there once was none. Now we intend on delivering long-term project sustainability, and sharing our successes with other healthcare stakeholders in The Gambia and beyond.

  • Aims

    Bansang Hospital Appeal aims to:

    • Ensure project sustainability. Bansang Hospital is an absolutely vital part of the regional infrastructure. We want to empower the hospital management and make BH as self-sustaining as possible.
    • Retention of Staff We have near 100% staff retention - unprecedented in African healthcare. We want to keep building on the successes, and make it a blueprint that other health providers can utilise.
    • Secure medicines and equipment We have shown a great ability to bring in huge amounts of medical aid at reduced cost. We would like to expand our networks to ensure Bansang always has what it needs.
    • Support/expand the hospital farming project This project gives nutritious food to patients, and a cash boost to the hospital from sale of excess crops. It is a core part of our sustainability drive.
    • Continue developing infrastructre; We have already overhauled much of the hospital's infrastructure. There's still so much more to do; sewers, electrics & staff accomodation being our upcoming focus
  • Overview

    Established: April 1992

    Registered Charity Number: 1064469

    Board members: 3

    Full time staff: 1

    Volunteers: 8

    Phone number: 07783551945

    Address: 4 The Leys, Orlingbury NN14 1JE

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