Charity information


MakeLunch is a national charity working through a network of volunteer groups to provide meals during school holidays for children and families who rely on Free School Meals during term time.

Founded 2011

  • Mission statement

    In the UK, 3. 7 million children are living in poverty - 1 in 4 children living in families surviving on £13 per day or less. In 2015, 15% of all pupils in schools across the UK were eligible for and claiming Free School Meals. Some children report that their school dinner is often the only meal they get in a day. However, these meals are only available when the schools are open. MakeLunch exists to fill the school holiday gap, something we call the Holiday Hunger Gap.

    When we started in 2011, holiday hunger provision was minimal. More organisations have taken it up in recent years but MakeLunch remains the only UK charity solely focussed on this particular need. Our work has grown from 3 locations in that first year, to over 60 in 2016, serving over 36,000 meals in our first five years. Our Lunch Kitchens work in close partnership with their local schools to ensure their services are made available to the families who most need it, as well as building working relationships with other local organisations to offer clear signposting to meet the identified needs of their beneficiary families.

    The aims of MakeLunch are twofold.
    1. That there would be a Lunch Kitchen available for every child who needs it. Our primary aim - to meet the immediate need.
    2. That we would be able to use the statistics, information and stories we gather to influence government and policy makers to implement longer term change, aiming to see holiday hunger eradicated across the country.

  • Aims

    MakeLunch aims to:

    • To equip communities to fill the Holiday Hunger Gap, offering meals and activities for children from low income families during school holidays.
    • To continue to advocate for these families with the government, aiming to see policy change which will significantly reduce the levels of child poverty in the UK.
  • Overview

    Established: July 2011

    Registered Charity Number: 1157093

    Board members: 4

    Part time staff: 6

    Volunteers: 2500

    Phone number: 07593325924

    Address: 24a Mill Yard LU1 2EY

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