Nyumba Ya Thanzi - House of Good Health

Nyumba Ya Thanzi - House of Good Health

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Nyumba Ya Thanzi - House of Good Health

Nyumba Ya Thanzi – The House of Good Health – is a UK based charitable trust working in Malawi to support locally designed development initiatives.

We work with Malawians who have ideas about how to improve the lives of people in their country but often lack the resources to put their plans into action. We work with people who are passionate, committed and have realistic workable plans. We particularly look for original ideas inspired by the specific realities of life in Malawi. We encourage creative approaches to solving problems based on an understanding of what can work in Malawi, and give Malawians the opportunity to try out their own ideas.

It is our philosophy that Malawian’s themselves are in the best position to determine how their problems can be solved, but we realise that they usually lack financial resources or the formal education necessary to approach the average donor. Nyumba Ya Thanzi can provide financial assistance, help with managing project money, help writing proposals, networking and most importantly encouragement and a forum to thrash out ideas.

Founded 2003

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