Action On Disability And Development

Action On Disability And Development

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Action On Disability And Development

ADD International is a disability rights organisation. We fight for independence, equality and opportunity for disabled people living in poverty in Africa and Asia.

Founded 1986

  • Mission statement

    1 billion people worldwide are disabled. 80% of them live in the developing world. Disabled people living in poverty are among the most vulnerable and marginalised people on earth. Often, they have no access to basic human rights, education, or the opportunity to earn a living.

    Disabled people are routinely excluded at all levels of society. They are disproportionately vulnerable to abuse, with children and women particularly affected. They face stigma and discrimination in their families and communities, mostly because of misconceptions about disability, this is particularly dangerous in communities where disabled people are believed to be cursed, bewitched or contagious. Disabled people often live in isolation and are excluded from their communities, from the education system, from health care and other vital services. Sometimes, they’re even hidden away by their families.

    ADD International fights for independence, equality and opportunity for disabled people living in poverty in Africa and Asia. We fight alongside local, regional and national groups run by and for disabled people (known as Disabled People’s Organisations or DPOs). ADD International has over 30 years’ experience of working as an ally to disability activists and organisations in Africa and Asia to challenge these barriers and negative attitudes, supporting their contribution to a powerful global movement for disability inclusion.

  • Aims

    Action On Disability And Development aims to:

    • Supporting Disabled People's Organisations to become more effective in bringing about practical positive change in the lives of their members.
    • Strengthening the disability movement to become more representative, inclusive, and effective and actively promoting and securing the rights of all disabled people.
    • Working with other organisations to promote the rights, well-being and participation of disabled people (social/economic/political).
    • Developing effective influencing and advocacy to secure legislative and policy frameworks that support the inclusion and development of disabled people, in line with the UNCRPD.
    • Promoting the inclusion of disability issues in all areas of development.
  • Overview

    Established: May 1986

    Registered Charity Number: 294860

    Board members: 11

    Full time staff: 150

    Phone number: 0203 752 5500

    Address: The Foundry, 17-19 Oval Way, London SE11 5RR

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