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Harpenden Spotlight On Africa

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Harpenden Spotlight On Africa

Harpenden Spotlight on Africa is committed to creating links between communities in the UK and Africa through charitable projects relating to education, health, clean water, and economic development.

Spotlight's development projects are largely developed by the beneficiaries themselves, all of whom volunteer to further the cause. Ugandan volunteers outnumber paid staff by more than twenty to one.

Founded 2007

  • Mission statement

    Forging Links - Transforming Communities

    Working in partnership with our sister organisation Spotlight on Africa Uganda Foundation, alongside local government and community leaders, HSoA delivers charitable assistance to the slum communities around Mbale in Eastern Uganda, helping families displaced by generations of conflict and in desperate need.

    We are working to change people's lives: immediately, by giving them access to a reliable source of clean water, health education and elementary healthcare, and permanently, through educational and economic development projects.

    Our costs are extraordinarily low; HSoA is run by volunteers and our UK costs (primarily audit fees) typically represent less than 5% of funds raised. Our team in Uganda works for salaries that are adequate by local standards but a pittance in UK terms. Our low costs and close cooperation with local communities and authorities maximises value for money on the ground, improving people's lives day by day and pound by pound.

    Our achievements to date include:
    - Construction and support of a 10 classroom primary and nursery school
    - Clean water provision to over 10,000 people by drilling over 20 deep permanent boreholes
    - Constructing & running an immunisation & basic health centre in partnership with government
    - Funding and training nearly 250 Community Health Promoters
    - Supporting widows and orphans through our goat-breeding program alongside other economic development project

  • Aims

    Harpenden Spotlight On Africa aims to:

    • Promote education - Education is where HSoA first started its work and is at the heart of our projects in the Mbale area. We have built schools and sponsor children through their education
    • Provide clean water - A clean water supply drastically improves quality of life and HSoA oversees the drilling of boreholes in strategic locations, maximising the supply of clean water in a community
    • Improve health - We organise and fund training for volunteer Community Health Promoters in hygiene and basic healthcare. We also aim to build a primary care clinic in the region
    • Facilitate economic development - Providing a source of sustainable income to help the disadvantaged help themselves. Examples include goat-breeding programs, fish farming and enhancing crop yields
  • Overview

    Established: January 2007

    Registered Charity Number: 1117585

    Board members: 6

    Volunteers: 25

    Phone number: 01582 761 305

    Address: 102 Station Road AL5 4TU

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