Brain And Spinal Injury Centre Limited (BASIC)

Brain And Spinal Injury Centre Limited (BASIC)

Charity information

Brain And Spinal Injury Centre Limited (BASIC)

BASIC takes over when people have returned home from hospital following NHS treatment for a traumatic head or spinal injury, brain haemorrhage, brain tumour, stroke or other neurological injury. The charity provides a 'one stop shop' of support services from our Centre in Greater Manchester. They range from educational, psychological, physical, cognitive, vocational and social. We also work with families and carers to help people to re-build their lives following a brain or spinal injury.

Founded 1986

  • Mission statement

    BASIC exists to help people with acquired brain injury maximise their autonomy and reduce reliance on primary and secondary care. To support families and carers.

  • Aims

    Brain And Spinal Injury Centre Limited (BASIC) aims to:

    • Maximise physical recovery e.g. walking, balance, reducing falls etc. Providing ground breaking virtual reality and robotics technology to speed up recovery and reduce the impact of the injury
    • Provide cognitive training in order to improve working memory, attention and concentration, mental processing speed, Impulse control, visual attention, processing, hand-eye coordination etc.
    • Maxmise opportunities for return to work through vocational rehabilitation. Fast track early intervention to prevent job loss for those in work at the time of their injury. Help finding work.
    • Maximise positive mental health by provision of psychology, psychotherapy and counseling. treating PTSD, depression, anxiety, relationship support
    • maximise confidence by reducing isolation through social interaction, training and workshops
  • Overview

    Established: January 1986

    Registered Charity Number: 518806

    Board members: 8

    Full time staff: 5

    Part time staff: 6

    Volunteers: 25

    Phone number: 0161 707 6441

    Address: 554 Eccles New Road M5 5AP

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